Vst plug ins change for different flows with different instrument sounds

I made a project and added 13 flows, which is an album track. I add the vst plug in flow 1 add 3 synth players and import the midi track and flow 1 all is fine. When I go to flow 2 and add the vst plugins and choose the same plugin but a different sound I am finding that Dorico 5 is changing them all so I have the same sounds on each flow. I can’t find out how to set this up so that each flow has vsts that keep their original instrument and sound. I tried adding more players but that made no difference at all. Would someone be kind enough to help a newbee I am using Dorico Elements 5

Hi! Could you please send a project that exhibits the behavior you’re seeing?

I ditched what I had but I will do it again and post

I tried again but I it has the same behaviour.
Full Score for album check.dorico (2.1 MB)

I tried adding synths 4, 5 and 6 and it just wouldn’t behave. by not importing midi etc.

Hi. I just opened your file and see that your Omnisphere instrument is set to play with the Default Expression map. I suppose that if you want to trigger different sounds, you’ll need to use some expression map to change those sounds. Or use a different synthesizer in Omnisphere. Or another instance of Omnisphere? The most Doricoish way of doing that is using a Playback template. Each synth player will receive its own synth and you won’t have to face this kind of problem.
Only thing is: I don’t know if there’s an Omnisphere playback template available…

@MarcLarcher is right. But there are many ways to skin this particular cat.

What you are effectively wanting to do is to define a Piano player and have them play a Steinway in Flow1 and a Yamaha in Flow 2 etc. Dorico can do this if you Setup your Synth 1 Player to hold multiple synth instruments (each one could be a different instance of Omnisphere, or an Omnisphere multi). Then all you need do is to change the player’s instrument from flow to flow.

Edit: here’s a trivial example…
3synth-demo.dorico (547.5 KB)

To change sounds of any particular Synth from flow to flow, you will need to tell Dorico how to change the sounds in each VST. And how to do that depends on the capabilities of each VST.

It’s a complex area.

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I have been experimenting with various sounds in Omnisphere, but I think it might be simpler to just make a project for track 1, track 2, etc. I really appreciate the very quick response, so thank you very much @Marc and @Janus

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Does the pro version fix this issue?

It’s not an issue! It’s just the way it works. How would the vsti know what sound it should play if you don’t define it at the start of the flow?
As @Janus wrote, it’s a complex matter (not complicated. There are several valid answers, hence the need to start with a real example to follow the path you’ve chosen. Either different synths inside one instance of Omnisphere — that would be my first choice — or different instances of Omnisphere, or one synth but with an extensive expression map in order to define the sound, certainly the most complicated solution here).


I have been experimenting and created a play template after creating end points for the different vsts. I then created a new project and put three parts in Chords synth, bass synth and piano. and then went to the play section and applied the play template, and the correct vst’s and their sounds were created and added to the players. My next question is can I allocate a different play template for each flow? I think I am getting close to your suggestions.

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No. (for the same reasons as previously mentioned)

Note that you can edit your playback template with manual allocations (for instance, you can use NP as automatic VSTi for anything, but keyboards (say PianoTeq) and Electric Bass guitar (I prefer the Steinberg instrument). So there’s going to be a manual override in first and second lines, with PianoTeq taking care of Keyboards (no need to specify instruments) and Steinberg Electric Bass taking care of Electric bass instrument only (no need to specify a type of instrument, only the overridden one), then NotePerformer as automatic.
So if you have some Omnisphere Endpoints for specific instruments, you can define your playback template with those, and thus don’t need different playback templates. I’m not sure I’m crystal clear on my explanations…

I shall assimilate what you have said and integrate more with Steinberg synths, as I do have Cubase. As for clarity, well, that doesn’t matter; you have done your best to help, so I shall follow suit and learn as best I can from your suggestions.

Please don’t refrain yourself from asking more details if you need. We’re here to help :wink: