VST Pluggin Problems! Can some one help me please!!!

Hey Mates!
I am a national recording artist, and since i have been in major studios all over the world, i assumed that it would be as easy to run the controls as it was to play my insytrument, i was extremely wrong, i have some basic knowledge of recording. i built a home studio and Purchased, the tascam US 1800 along with it came Cubase LE 5, my problem is I cant use some of the Vst Plugins or Virtual Instruments any where. there is no guitar vst pluggin, or any drums, and thats what i need all i have is the virtual key board. I have tried every thing, you tube videos, reading online, eveyr thing i try fails. all i want is to be able to have access to the Drum Vst Plugins, Every thing else i record either Straight into the interface or Mic a bass or guitar cab, i just need to be able to use some type of drum machine or VST pluggin to be able to create beats and loop them to create full songs. this is very essential for me because instead of leaving my family to go to a studio in the middle of no where to pre produce our next album i have chosen to stay at home and do my part from here, would some one be able to help me figure out how i can at least a basic program like Groove Agent or Loop Mash? and please do not reply with update the VstX2 pluggin or what ever its called. lol i have all ready tried that, does Cubase LE 5 not come with those pluggins in the package. please let me know Steingberg! great product just need more info on certain topics

Manual’s a good place to start for such basic questions. :wink:

trust me i did that to everything i have tried has not worked. does cubase LE 5 not come with those plugin accessories?

Hi there.
Firstly, welcome to the forums.
Now for the bad news - you will need to either buy additional plugins or else a more fully featured version of Cubase.
Cubase 5 LE is a very much “cut-down” introductory version, and simply does not come with the kind of thing you are looking for.
What I would recommend that you do is upgrade this to a full version of Cubase 6 - this will definitely do alot more, and will come with things like Loop Mash, VST Amp Rack (for guitars) and Groove Agent 1 as standard.

It really is worth the upgrade cost - it is capable of so much more than the LE version, and has almost everything you will need right out of the installation disc.

LE5 does come with plugs you can use, not to mention Steiny’s FTP site has legacy ones that can be used as well.

Didn’t say it does not come with plugs that can be used.
Specifically, the OP was talking about guitaramp plugs (not in C5 LE) and Groove Agent/Drum plugs (also not in C5 LE)
I checked in the manuals available online - not included.

You should either upgrade to Cubase 6 or check into vst plugins from a company like native Instruments. You can buy package deals from them that include drums, guitar processors, and virtual synths. If the new packages are too expensive check online for an older version and upgrade later. If you are looking for a guitar vst theres line 6 pod farm and waves offers GTR.

Best of luck!