VST pluggins and Panning f'ck up


Soo I was recording some tunes yesterday and got the perfect sound, but today when I opened it, all the VST effects was gone from the insert list and not only on yesterdays track, but on every fcking track i got. They have simply just dissapeard, wich is a huge problem cuase I hade been working on some projects for fcking months. And that’s not all:

all tracks that’s not panned to the right or left I almost can’t hear, and tracks that should be panned to the right or left got super high volume and they aren’t panned at all. If I pan a track 2 or 3 steps in a direction the volume increases insanily much.

So basically, all my project are f*cked up and I don’t have a clue on how to make everything right again.

Have someone experienced the same problem?

( Sorry If it’s hard to understand what I mean, but I could really need some help on this)

are you sure that you are talking about VST Connect here?

Sorry if I am posting in the wrong forum, but it could be the VST pluggins, my audio interface or a cubase system crash. I don’t know where the evil comes from, if I knew I would probably be able to fix it or ask a more direct question. But since I don’t know what the problem is, I don’t know in wich forum I should put it in. :frowning:

I am using focusrite interface, and when I switch driver to the ASIO, and plug my headphones directly into the computer, the panning works. So I’ll guess something is wrong with the interface maybe… I

would a system restore to an earlier time help?