VST plugin being switched

Need Help…

While using cubase 12.0.30 originally I did not have this issue, I upgraded to 12.0.52 now cubase is switching plugin version on me.

  1. I open a blank project
  2. I load one instance of Komplete Kontrol (v2.8) in cubase (within that instance I load my full version of Kontakt 6)
  3. I save the project
  4. Open it again, it replaced my Kontact 6 full version with Kontact 7 (player)
  5. Some of my plugins require K7 to run but most run on K6, KK automatically loads the right version but when I save it opens with the latest version.
  6. How do I undo this behavior? I downgraded the version to cubase 12.0.30… I still have the same issue???

always use latest vst us unchecked…
is this some setting in some config file?

one more thing… if I create a Kontakt 6 track and save it it stays Kontakt 6 same for 7.
only in KK it’s switching…

That has nothing to do with Cubase, it is a problem with KOmplete Kontrol. Cubase doesn’t know what happens inside KK, that is responsible for loading the correct version.
Maybe ask this this over at the NI forum or the NI support?
Or maybe check whether there’s already an update available for KK?


so that is fuction of KK? to save the right version ? but when i load a library it lots the correct version save and exit and it’s back to new version on kontakt. i’ll as NI folks…