vst plugin bypassed but continues to work

I first found out this problem with softube cl1b , waves scheps 73 does the same thing. There must be more.

In all simplity you have bypassed a plugin but it continues to work as if the button did do nothing. They eat up cpu , process the signal , act like they normally do. Had this problem on earlier cubase versions too

Windows 7 , 64bit , cubase pro8.0

I observed probably a similar issue when I used the VOXENGO SPAN (free analyzer plugin) as last
plugin in my Master Out chain.

The bypass button reacted strange.

And I found out that this was related to the VST3 version of SPAN. Now I use VST2.4 of it instead
and everything is OK.

Regards, Mike

My research has continued and there are lot of plugins doing this , but not really that much. My softube cl1b is 32bit vst2 so the vst2s are also “affected”. Using jbridge didint make any change to its behaviour.

I have found a solution though : Take the plugin gui and click “activate the effect” button on the corner. This “bypasses” it completely and properly. I wonder why is there difference on the bypass button and activate the effect button. I now only use this method. When they are bypassed they show as yellow on the insert stack but activate effect makes them dark.

Still it would be so much nicer to use that bypass group button effectively and so on than now click them one by one. This could be easy solutionfor steinberg if the bypass insert would work like activate effect , i dont know what is their difference in design anyway.