VST Plugin Manager can't see Kontakt.dll

I feel so stupid…

I opened Cubase 10 (latest version) and navigated to the path where the Kontakt and Reaktor 6 dlls are located (64 bit) for the first time and I refreshed and only the Reaktor was added. Kontakt 6 does not appear on any blacklisted or blocked list that I can see. I’m obviously doing something very simple very wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m sorry for any lack of information, I don’t know what to provide but gladly can upon request.

Thank you!

Hi and welcome,

I remember there was an issue like this with the latest NI Kontakt update (some days/weeks ago). I don’t know, if it’s still the case, or if there is an NI Kontakt update since then already.

Please, could you search the forum? I’m sure you will find the post and hopefully the Kontakt version will be mentioned there.

I downloaded and installed Kontakt 6.4.1 yesterday on a Win 10 C10.5 System, without any issues.