VST Plugin Manager - Option to Rename, Comment & Rate

To further add to Jorge Ruiz contribution: please also add possibility for VST plug-in comments and ratings!!!

[See attached image of my VST List to get a quick glimpse of what an expanded VST database could look like]

I have created a list of my 170 plugins (in excel) for myself, each with thumbnail, comments, rating, usage quick tips to remind me of plugin specifics or what best they are used for / or sound good on or what I need to pay attention to. I also added links to tutorials and youtube videos. Would be great to have the possibility to add this right within Cubase, in a database. I didnt just copy and paste the info, but really dug deep into forums to get other user experiences and compiled all that information into one list.

It would also be nice, to be able to share that information through Cubase in a public cloud space, so other users can profit / benefit from comments, usage specifics, evaluations, ratings and experiences of other users.

It would definetly make Cubase that much more attractive.

PS: I have added a representative images of what my list looks like now. It has been an incredible amount of work compiling it, but benefits me greatly in my workflow (170 entries as of now). Just to give you an idea, how an overhall of the VST Plugin Manager could look like.