VST Plugin Manager strange blinking

Dear colleagues

! Why the VST Plugin Manager of one C12 on SSD M2 behave yourself this way, while another VST Plugin Manager of C12 on HDD acts without any blinking?


Sorry, I don’t see any blinking. Probably different graphic card?

Do you mean my video clip? Windows disappears and appears some times. You see something different?

I can see the temporary disappearance of the Plugin Manager window in your video.

Child windows in Cubase tend to disappear, when Cubase is no longer the foreground application (on my Win10 multi-monitor setup).

If I’m not mistaken, when Cubase does the re-scanning of plugins, it executes some code within each plugin and stores some of the plugin meta-data in it’s own plugin cache (presumably to make subsequent plugin startups faster and to disable non-compatible plugins entirely).

I suspect that some plugins (Waves would be the first one I’d check) very briefly throw some other window into the foreground.

Do you run exactly the same plugins on both machines?

** Waves is a weirdly different beast than most other plugins, since it has a single common wrapper for all of it’s actual plugins. And that wrapper does some things like license validation, and may briefly bring other windows (that end up NOT being Cubase child windows) to the foreground. Also, the actual Waves plugins tend to be in a totally different folder than the regular VST3 and VST2 folders.


Sorry, I can see it now.

Do you use the same graphic card on both systems?

Thank you! Of plugins — no, they are not the same. There are more of them on SSD system. But there was the same numbers on another SSD. I had to migrate from it to new M2 because some problems. And I had no blinking there.

Yes, same card, same driver. Gigabyte GT 710.

This issue has nothing to do with the graphics card lol…