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So I made a new collection. Problem now is, I installed new plugins and those don’t appear in my collection but only into the Default collection. I hope there is a way to add it to my own collection? Otherwise this feature would be completely sensless. Anyone can help?



Just found the solution by playing around. First create a new folder in your list and name it with the company name of the plugin. Than the trick is to do a search in your own list. When your plugin is shown up, just drag it to your new created folder and voilá :wink:

Ok, VST-Plugin-Manager is pita, or lets better say, absolutely unprofessional. Its fine if you only have to handle some single plugs you have to search for. But some company install a bunch of plugs and they often dont have the company name in the plugin name. So if you have a manual collection they are of course all missing and there is no way besides this manual search thing by name to add the plugins.
Why please why is there no other easy way??? Like for example with right click on the plugins folder in the standard list, and the choice to add this folder to an existing other collection.
No manager plugin would be better than this, because you waste time on finding a solution for where there is no solution.

Have to do it again. Installed a new synth. Please, please, please Steinberg just add the option with right click to add a specific plug to a custom list.

can a moderator please move this to the forum Cubase 10, thanks in advance

And also realised now, that if you create a new folder, this stays always on top of the previous. No chance to move it to another place. This is no plugin manager, its …no idea, but for sure good for nothin. Someone in the developer team seems to hate this.

its possible, you just have to watch out for a small blue line which indicates the position to move

Also after the update a completely unfunctional useless tool, good for nothin. And again my question why is it not possible to move a plugin folder through right klick to another list??? Don’t get it, really.

it would be nice to be able to rename the vst3 plugins to something reasonable that the user can remember, rather than only what the manufacturer has decreed the name would be. Currently unchangeable? i believe it was brought up long ago im surprised this has still not been implemented. See the thread here: