VST plugin not/badly responding to keyboard strokes with Cubase

Since a few days Native Instruments Battery is not responding to keyboard strokes. For example I could press [DEL] to delete a cell or [CTRL]-A to select all cells.

Suddenly this no longer works properly - while it still works when I use Battery in standalone mode.

Now, when the Battery GUI is visible and active, pressing [CTRL]-A results in something in the Cubase Project window getting selected, rather than within Battery.

In fact it still works somewhat: pressing [DEL] or [CTRL]-A repeatedly sometimes and unpredictably results in cells getting deleted or selected within Battery.

It seems like Cubase routes the keystrokes not or in unpredictable manner to Battery. Like it is not aware that the Battery window is the active window.

I just got this major Windows 10 feature update. Could that be the cause?

Cubase 9 Pro
Windows 10 64Bit


Didn’t you update Battery (or Cubase)? Or what changed on your system?

Hi Martin, Like I said, Windows did performs this big feature update of itself, but for the rest nothing changed as far as I can tell. I have the latest Cubase 9.0.30 and I don’t think there was a Battery update recently

OK … found solution myself. Apparently, when you open Battery from within Cubase, it does not immediately become the active window. Keystrokes are still routed to whichever Cubase window was last active (most likely the project window). Clicking on a Battery cell or on some non-editable area within Battery does not make it the active window. Not even turning a knob or moving a fader will make it the active window. However if, for example, you click on a .wav file in the left panel, or if you manually enter some value for tune/volume/pan in the Editor pane, THEN Battery will wake up and listen to commands like [DEL] or [CTRL]-A to delete/select cells.

Preferences used to have a “plugins receive keystrokes” option. It’s gone now.

What’s Steinberg’s intention? Do they want VST plugins to be allowed to take focus?