VST Plugin Picture capture wrong part of the screen

When taking a picture of a plugin for the media rack, it captures a random part of the screen with the plugin not or only part in shot.

This is on Windows 10 when the dpi is set to 125%/150%/175%. This is the same with or without the new HiDPI setting enabled.

Works ok if Windows is set to 100% and the new HiDPI feature turned off

i’m having a similar problem on OS X with a few different plugins. It only happens with a couple plugins and seems to take a picture of the screen area behind the plugin rather then the plugin window itself.

Anyone know if there is some other way to manually define the image to use for a plugin in the media view?

for anyone following this, I found a work around. Take a normal screen shot of whatever image you want to use. Open that image in an image editor or displayer. When you open the plugin in cubase, move it away from the cubase window so that its sitting over the top of the previously mentioned image. Then take the snapshot. The image underneath will be used.

well actually that doesn’t work for everything. That works for certain plugins that are not getting the snapshot taken, but are showing what is underneath. I have some others that are basically taking a snapshot of blackness… this trick won’t work for them. So the question still remains, does anyone know a manual way to specify the image to use?

i am looking for an answer to that too if you have it already… i use external plugin function to connect to my outboard but there is no snapshot function available. i hope i can manually upload the pictures of my outboards

Hi everyone,

try to move the plug-in window to the internal screen, before capturing the picture.
I had this problem, when the plug-in window was on my external screen. I’m using a MacBook Pro with a screen connected via Thunderbolt 2.
With this trick I managed to capture all plug-in correctly!

Scaling ratio 125%, 3840 * 2160
Screen recording

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+1 very annoying