VST plugin picture taker messed up

that cool camera icon / picture taking functionality of VST plugins for the media rack…
that’s messed up on my system. You too?

Mac OS Mojave, cubase 10.5.

here’s what I get for Curve EQ:
Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 7.37.59 AM.png
It’s not related to the plugin itself - no matter what plugin I pull up, even one’s with a nice picture already, if I click on the camera icon, it replaces the image with a messed up one.


Do you use 2 screens by any chance? Is 1 of them HiDPI and the other one non-HiDPI?

Very interesting Martin. Thank you very very much. That fixed it.
I was connected to 2 screens at the time. An old MacBook pro 2012 using the display port out into an LG 27UK600-W UHD IPS LED monitor. I don’t know if that means it’s HiDPI or not…

Cubase is on the external monitor, so that may be the problem. If I just move the plug-in window itself over to the MacBook pro’s screen and then click the camera icon, maybe that alone will fix it.

Anyway, disconnecting the external monitor fixed it.

I appreciate the help.