VST Plugin Problems

I have Cubase LE6 and a tascam us-144 mkii and I’ve been messing with things and making sure everything works. I have the NI Massive Demo version, and I also have other NI programs like Battery, Massive, FM8, etc., but I got them from a friend of mine, so I have a .exe, a .dpm for RTAS, and a .dll for VST. When I open up an Instrument track, all I see is Fruity Loops (which I don’t know how to use as a VST), and the Massive Demo VST.

A) Can I use the demo as a VST?
B) How can I get the other VST’s to work, since I have others like Guitar Rig and FM8?

The trick here is that your vsti instrument .dll files need to be in the right folder. I have Cubase LE4 and the right folder for that program is C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Steinberg\VST2. Find where the installers actually put them and move them there. Then re-start Cubase.