VST plugin recognition

I downloaded a very nice VST compressor plug in to my Cubase LE1 ‘VSTplugins/dynamics’ folder, but the compressor is listed as an option only in the ‘Devices/VST Master Effects/Dynamics’ list and is not listed in the ‘Devices/VST Send Effects/Dynamics’ list. So I can only use this downloaded compressor as an insert and not as a send.

I don’t understand this because the downloaded .dll file is right there in the same folder alongside the Cubase compressor .dll file and both are being recognized in Master Effects/Dynamics, but only the Cubase compressor is recognized in Send Effects/Dynamics.

I should be grateful if anyone can advise me how I get my downloaded compressor recognized in ‘Devices/Send Effects/Dynamics’.


You need to create a folder called VSTPlugins, put it in the main Steinberg Programs folder and put the .dll there. You need to re-start Cubase for it to be recognized.

Thanks for the advice.

I’ve done that so that the C:\program files\Steinberg folder now contains three other folders namely an Asio folder, a Cubase LE folder and the new VSTPlugins folder in which I put the downloaded compressor .dll as you suggest.

Sadly I’m afraid it doesn’t work, it’s still not being listed as an option in 'Devices/VST Send Effects/Dynamics.

It won’t appear in Dynamics, but as a main entry like Dynamics is. Is it available as an insert on a channel?

It’s not listed as a main entry anywhere, and yes, it is available as an insert on a channel

Then it’s only available as an insert. There are plugs like that. Which specific plug is it?

OK I guess that’s it, pitty. It’s this one:


I like it because its presets are nicely graduated and suit my recordings of solo saxophone and saxophone quartet very well.

Thanks very much for your time and help - much appreciated.