VST plugin update problem (SOLVED)

I have just been trying to update my VST plug ins via the plug in information dialogue, but have come across a problem. When I press update it comes up with an elicencer error saying ‘Application ‘HALion player OEM 3x’ has caused the following error - elicenser contains no valid license for this application’

Well…I have uninstalled the HALion player and the HALion orchestra trial (which I installed with Cubase 5, but didn’t use because it is not that good) and removed the trial licence from the elicencer. It seems that my plugin updater does not approve of what I have done, but I can find no reference to the Halion player anywhere on my system now, nor is it mentioned in the VST plugin list in Cubase, so why is the update failing because it can’t find something it shouldn’t be even looking for?

Any help gratefully recieved, I just want to make music, not waste hours dealing with copy protection software!

OK - it only took me 2 hours to solve this one…

Despite uninstalling HALion orchestra, there was still the .dll lurking in the vst folder being scanned…

Hope the time I have wasted will help someone else with a similar problem save time!