VST plugin use host info


I am developing VST-plugins using VSTSDK 2.4, and trying to use the information of audio track editing with DAW software into plugin.

WAV filename
Audio Length (time)
Audio Start time(offset)

Is it possible to obtain these information from the DAW?

I am in troubled because I don’t understand the know-how.
Someone help please!


The first post was not enough, so I write what I tried.

It corresponded to “Offline Processing” according to a document of VSTSDK 2.4, I was thinking notice(offlineNotify) from the host could acquire the information I want.
However, returning canDo(“offline”)=true on the plug-in and calling offlineStart or calling offlineRead did not notify offlineNotify.
Is there not any probable cause?

struct VstAudioFile

  • char name[100]
  • double numFrames
  • double selectionStart