VST Plugin won't open

Something Strange happened when I installed the Pulsar Smasher plugin. There was an issue with the iLok authorisation, that has been fixed.

However, now the plug-in won’t show up in WaveLab Pro 10. It loads fine in Cubase Pro 10.5 and WaveLab Elements 10. But not in WaveLab Pro 10!

It has not been blocked by the “Do not load these pluigins” parameter. What might be the cause of this issue?

Do you mean you can find it in the plugin but it does not load, or do you mean you don’t find it at all?

I don’t see it anywhere. I can’t select it. I doesn’t show in the plugin preferences. I doesn’t show when I try to search for it.

Click here. Do you see the plugin there? (this is in the plugin preferences) If you do, click on it, and then restart. The plugin will be evaluated at next startup.

Many thanx PG. That solved the issue.

I only wish that the list could be alphabetised (or searched). I finally found the item at the end of a loooong list. :wink:

I have another thought about organising the plug-ins.

I have organized my plug-ins in Cubase Pro, the way I want them sorted. Is it possible to import the effects “collection” into WaveLab Pro? This would be very helpful.