VST Plugin won't work anymore

Hi, I just have installed Dorico 4 and it looks great. Unfortunately I can not use my Vienna en Kontakt plugins anymore. The standard Helion works fine, but even the symphony plugin does not work. I am using a Mac with Monterey. I hope there is a known solution for this. Thanks in advance.

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Is it an M1 Mac? If so have you tried running Dorico 4 under Rosetta?

I have the same problem and also use the Mac M1 processor. In the application preferences the folder “VST PlugIns” is empty. VSL, The Grand and Halion6 do not open, although I have installed everything again. Does anyone have a solution?

I too have similar problems with my VSTs. My Kontakt doesn’t work it doesn’t show up in the preference. same issue with my other VSTs eg those from Toontrack, waves etc
I use M1 laptop with Monterey.

If you are running on a Mac with M1 chip, the application as well all the plug-ins either have to be Apple Silicon compatible, or you have to run everything in Rosetta mode (Intel emulation on ARM).
Dorico 4 is Apple Silicon compatible but many plug-ins (like e.g. Kontakt) are not (or not yet).
If you rely on those non-compatible plug-ins, you have to start Dorico 4 in Rosetta mode.
To do so right click on the Dorico 4.app, choose Get Info from the pop-up menu and in the middle of the Info window tick the option for Rosetta.
Because Rosetta is an emulation layer, overall the code does not execute as fast any more as if run natively for ARM, but it is still decently quick enough.


Thank you Ulf. I have tried to start Dorico in Rosetta and it works a little slower but fine. I wonder how Kontakt and Vienna works via MIDI. When that works ok, Dorico can stay in native mode.

I discovered another thing. I am a user of Logic, Apple’s DAW. That program runs native under the m1-ship. But Kontakt and Vienna works fine too. Maybe there are still possibilities?

Logic makes use of some special capabilities to run non-native Audio Units under a separate sandboxed process. Those capabilities don’t apply to Dorico (not least because Steinberg products don’t support Audio Units).