VST plugin working directory same as *.cpr direcory


I am developer of GNU/FOSS VST3 plugin for Cubase, and I need to get directory path of *.cpr file in my VST3 plugin. It is because I have render log in project’'s file, and resulting render log I want to wish to store in the same directory as *.prj file.

Is there any API to get *.prj file directory?

If not, please regard this as a feature request.

I am very sorry, when I am regarding to *.prj file I actually meant *.cpr file

VST3 plugs reside in the VST3 folder in the main program folder. You posted in the Older Cubase versions forum, some versions don’t support VST3.

My Cubase version DO support VST3.

But you did not answer my question… Is there any API in VST SDK to get directory of *.cpr file? Am I blind in reading documentation, or there is no such feature?


I have resolved the issue by workaround.

I don’t run project by clicking on “!.cpr” but on “!.cmd” file which has content:

start !.cpr

and my VST plug-in reads this environment variable as environment variable have inheritance to subsequently ran processes.

But it would be very nice to have API in VST3 SDK to get directory name of project file (*.cpr).