VST Plugins 'D' symbol - What does it mean?

So I was going through which plugins were VST2 and which were VST3 on my list and updating what I could last night.

And then I see this:-

Anyone have any idea what that ‘D’ means? On the plugin manager it says VST3, so guessing will be ok in future. (Hope so as I recall hardware settings using it). I’ve never noticed it until now, looking down that column.

Thanks in advance.

Is the keyboard connected? Otherwise a guess is "D"isconnected.

Hmm, good suggestion, but tried it with keyboard connected and it still says it. Just surprised I hadn’t noticed it before.

Is it installed as plugin in the plugin-dir or a bundle that is installed within cubase? Does it work as a vsti on other hosts than cubase?

Yeah it’s standard .vst3:-

I mean, it must mean something - looking at the plugin list it mentions DSPBased (Light blue top of screenshot) - so perhaps it’s a way of flagging that the project would need to be bounced in realtime if it exists in the signal chain?

I don’t have UAD hardware or their plugs, but perhaps they have the same ‘D’ next to them?
…Or maybe it’s a VST3 specific flag for DSP reliant plugs? That would make more sense, as it’s in place of the standard ‘III’ for VST3.

I have one of the UR interfaces with DSP processing, but none of those plugins show as ‘D’. Although they’re the software insert versions and so not reliant on external DSP.

There is plugin type in the sdk. kFxInstrumentExternal and kOnlyRealTime so it seems to that.

Do you have any older version of cubase installed? They did some updates on icons in later versions.

This machine has been updated from C9 onwards. But only C11 exists now, pretty sure the D is for DSP - but unusual to not see any mention of it when I google for it.

Particularly as I was using those icons to check which plugins instances in my projects were VST2 or not, I Saw that and though “Noooooo!”, but luckily it is VST3… phew! :slight_smile: