VST Plugins "do not appear" in Halion

Hello, I’m a recent owner of Halion 6 and a huge fan already.

Simple problem. I’ve added a couple plugins (such as guitar harmonics and Tguitar) using the Steinberg download assistant.
Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 5.01.09 PM.jpg
When I enter Halion 6 in my music program, the added plugins aren’t visible.

Additionally when I remove plugins from the Steinberg Library manager, they are still visible in Halion 6 but simply no longer work.

Do I need to download something additional or is there an error with the library visibility etc.? I’ve double checked the library locations.

Thank you for any and all help.

TGuitar and Guitar Harmonics are both separately licensed and will not show in HALion / HALion Sonic / HALion Sonic SE unless the appropriate licence is available on your system. You need to obtain an activation code and enter it in eLicenser Control Center for the add-on to work.

The activation code for Guitar Harmonics Essential is free of charge - click here to obtain a licence.

TGuitar is a chargeable add-on - click here to buy a licence.

Are You sure that Halion or any application using this libraries was closed during installation? - This could cause fault of future loading of library.