VST Plugins help...

Guys, I try not to bother people with stupid questions but…

Just jumped from OS Mountain Lion to El Capitan, purchased Pro 9 update from Cubase 6, and prior to that had my standard SETA drives cloned onto SSD so that pro 9 would see Cubase 6 etc. (Gone from 8 to 24 gig of ram for good measure)

Naturally I was expecting a few teething problems, but I’m now about 90% there apart from:

The only plugins that are ‘blacklisted’ are my Korg Legacy Collection. This is of course because 32 bit is no longer supported. I’ve downloaded all 6 component 64bit updates from korguser.net and they all work fine as standalone, but Pro 9 just isn’t seeing them!

I assume it’s because they aren’t in a specific VST folder? If so, I can’t find it.

Any pointers would be gratefully received.

Many thanks.



The plugins should be in one of these default locations:

Hard disk/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST

Hard disk/Users/Username/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST

or for VST 3 plugins:

Hard disk/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3


On Mac, there is the only one folder for all VST3 plug-ins, so this is not the case.

OK, it took a while but…SOLVED

Much appreciated fellas. Best regards,


Actually Martin, Jeff is correct Most installers will put plugs into the first location, but you can put them into the second if you like for only the currently logged in user, unless something has changed since Mavericks.