VST plugins question

Thanks Daniel.

Yes it’s all connected up as specified.

The coloured channel descriptions, and the channel numbers are all screwed up in the mixer, as shown. Some instruments are doubled up.

Cello expression map as an example:

I also find that even using HALion SE I can’t make any changes to the dynamics using the Dynamics track in the Play window - obviously, I’m missing something here?

I should have explained that in the above example end point setup, the Cello is the only Kontact instrument in use.

That all looks reasonably sensible, Ed. I think the issue with the Mixer channel names looking peculiar is that Dorico uses a heuristic to come up with an abbreviated name based on the information it receives from the plug-in. If you look at the Outputs page in the Kontakt interface, how do the outputs all appear there?

Regarding editing in the dynamics lane in Play mode, you should be able to use e.g. the line tool to add a new gradual dynamic. Please refer to the documentation for more help.

If you are finding that you’re not hearing changes in dynamics even after creating them (e.g. in Write mode) then it suggests that whatever you’ve got specified as the volume type in your expression map is incorrect.

You can see the outputs panel from Kontact a little bit further back in this thread - I posted it on 14/02. As you can see, the instruments are assigned to the channels st1 - st8, so that’s how I expected to find them in the Mixer. Instead they’re pretty well scrambled. Do you think that’s a problem with Kontact, then?

Sorry, Ed, I’m personally at the end of the road of my experience with Kontakt, which I haven’t used for many a long year.

OK - thanks for your help anyway.

Is there anyone out there who uses Kontact with Dorico?

Quite a few people, I imagine, as a lot of libraries still use Kontakt. I use it for instance with the CSS strings without any problems (at least without any Kontakt problems… ).

It’s been a long thread so I may not have quite followed it quite correctly or be entirely sure which problems still remain. I should start by saying I have Dorico Pro so if there’s anything you I say which makes no sense, it could be that Elements is lacking the feature -certainly Daniel will be able to put me right.

  1. I would check in the Endpoint dialogue that that you only show the number of audio outputs in the mixer that you are actually using from that VST instance in your project as opposed to the number of channel entries. For instance in your example the number of audio outputs should be 1.
  2. If you’re not getting any dynamic response but are getting the right articulation then, as Daniel says, it’s most likely the volume dynamic which is either set to velocity when it should be CC --or vice versa – or it’s not the right CC. The GPO documentation should tell you which is correct for each articulation. I see you have for natural CC1 and pizz velocity. Very likely to be correct but are you absolutely sure you’ve checked (afraid I don’t have GPO installed any more to help)?
  3. I’m assuming now that you are now getting the correct articulations? If not, what problems remain?
  4. Is there anything else?

Kontakt itself should not be an issue.

Many thanks for your attention.

My main concern at the moment is that the channels showing up in the Dorico mixer don’t seem to bear much relation to those set in the outputs panel in Kontact - see the pics earlier in the thread. I had hoped that the instrument labels would correspond with the actual channels playing in each column of the mixer, and that the output labels would match the Kontact ones - eg st1, st2 etc. Also some instruments seem to appear twice.

I’m not sure about the dynamics control at the moment. I’d rather stick to sorting one problem at a time, if possible. It’s taken quite a long time and much effort top actually get to the point where I can use my old GPO v1 instruments in Dorico at all!

Regarding your point on the Endpoint dialog, it shows all 8 channels, although only the Kontact cello is being used - see the pic earlier in the thread. The other instruments are HALion SE. Sounds like that’s wrong then? But how should I correct that?

Hi Ed – it’s possible you’ve misunderstood something. The number of channels in the Endpoint setup are quite simply the number of MIDI channels you have asked for and they are always listed in ascending order, irrespective of whether they are allocated to an instrument or not. This in turn looks to your instrument/channel set up in the main Play window to see what you are actually using. Thus, if you have set channel 8 to Cello but have not assigned an instrument to the others, then they will be simply left blank. Below is a simple example as illustration.

Here I have asked for 4 channels but the viola in the project does not have a VST allocated so it is thus blank in the list You just need to make sure the instruments are set up in Play windows with the correct VST and channel. The Endpoint window fills in the instruments according to what’s in the Play window. In the VST interface-- Kontakt in your case – it doesn’t matter what instruments are there or what order but of course what you actually want to use in your project must must match the VST and channel set in the Play window, otherwise you get the wrong instrument or none at all. Don’t worry about the actual labels, it really doesn’t matter whether abbreviations used in the mixer are different from Kontakt, the only thing to worry about is making sure the channel matches which appears to be correct for your cello. Most VST’s work the same and it would be a mistake to think there is something different with Kontakt.

If you’re using Halion for the other instruments, then you must set them to the Halion VST with correct channel in the Play window. They will then show up in the Endpoint setup. The only thing you actually edit in the endpoint is the Expression Map to be used and optionally how many channels you want shown in the mixture.