vst plugins that support drag'n'drop

Now it’s the second vst plugin that I have, which supports drag’n’drop of files from the desktop
(Elastik was the first, loop library licenses could be drag’n’drop to the Elastik interface to authorize, very cool, and now Bigh Fish Audio momentum supports drag’n’drop of samples and loops from Windows Explorer)
Yet, when i click on the desktop to select the file, Cubase looses focus: the Cubase main window is still visible, but all plugins’ interfaces disappeared. When I drag the file onto Cubase window, I don’t know where to drop, since my vst plugin is not visible.

  1. Is there a setting to prevent plugins interfaces to disappear from view when Cubase looses focus?
  2. Has any other had the same issue?


The issue is under 10.0.5 and Windows 10 (I don’t think it’'s version related)

PS. I also tried Ctr-C on the file in Explorer, than click on Cubase interface to give it focus, click the plugin drop area, then Ctr-V: the audio file is imported into a Cubase track, not in the plugin.

Workaround: don’t use Windows Explorer, use Cubase internal browser in the Right Zone. Cubase does not loose focus => drag’n’drop works.