vst plugins

how can i save my vst plugins on an external hard drive and be able to use them in cubase 6. do i have to rout them them to a path some how? if so where do i do this.

Depending on which Plugins you´re talking about, you can do it, by specifiying the plugin path in Cubase, as explained in the manual - chapter “installing and managing effect plugins”, or something like that.

Um, I doubt this will be easy to do IF you want to use the stock Cubase efx. My impression of the VST plugin discovery process is that everything has to be within the main Steinberg folder. HOWEVER, it might be possible to export the typical Cubase plugins (.dll files) to an external folder. As to the Reverence data, etc., I am not too clear that this can happen.

On the other hand,if your using just Waves plugins, sure, these can go external as far as I know. But this is because of the way the Waves licenser interacts with Cubase.

Are you using a laptop, perhaps?

i am using cubase 6.0.7 32bit, windows 7 but want to start using 64bit c/6. so instead of using up my hard drive, i have an external toaster 1tb hard drive. can i load cubase 6 64 bit on that and load my 64 bit vst on the external. or does cubase have to be on hard drive.

Are you using a laptop? :confused: You didn’t say. So your C drive, wherever that is, will contain your OS and your Programs in Win7. As far as I know, the Steinberg folder containing Cubase needs to be installed on the OS HD.

Anybody else?

What’s the point? VST plug ins are measured in MBs…

If you mean virtual instruments with large sample libraries–there’s always a way to offload those. Even though I wouldn’t to an EXTERNAL drive. Better off offloading the audio to the external drive and keeping the instruments local.