VST Plugins

Hey Guys,

All of my VST2 plugins are lagging in the 32bit version of Cubase 7 / 7.5 / 8, this happend on Mavericks and it’s still happening on Yosemite. In the 64bit version it’s fine. I figured out it’s also happening in Studio One 2.
I’m having this problem for a while now, and i really need it fixed. I hope any of you have an idea what is causing this problem. :frowning: I already tried clean OS installs etc, nothing worked. you can see my specs in the signature :mrgreen:


One thought from this end… have you tossed jBridge at this issue?


You mean if i’ve used jBridge, then no i didn’t. I don’t really like bridging plugins, thats why i just want vst2 plugs to work in the 32 bit version until they release 64bit versions.

Ideally in a perfect Steiny world we would not need jBridge. But going back from 7.5 Cubase and older versions I had to jBridge some plugs to get them to fly. I would hope by now the issue would be resolved, but it looks like it has not and that is not surprising. You will likely never see this fix and so you are left with waiting for the plug provider to upgrade to 64 bit plugs…

Has anyone else tried jBridge on 32 bit plugs in CP 8?


Hmm but this maybe might be more an apple issue. On windows my 32 bit plugins were fine. and like i said its happening in other programs aswell, so i’m not really sure.
Also i’ve been in studios with people that has the same setups and stuff, but they don’t have problems like i have. Its weird.

Duh, I totally was not cognizant of you being on a Mac! Yeah the issue is strange. I hate it when these kinds of computer problems come up. Very difficult to troubleshoot!

Best of luck!

jBridged 32bit plugs seem to work ok in C8 x64.

You say it “worked ok”. Have you read about all the issues in the forum here with SLOW performance and what not with 32 bit plugs? Did it solve that issue?


I haven’t had any issues (with my setup) using jBridge and 32bit plugs.
Mind you, I haven’t tried using some of those plugs without jBridge, Native Instruments B4 II, Korg Legacy Cell, the old Vapor VSTi, WizooVerbW2.64 and a couple of others.


I’ve had zero issues using jbridged 32bit plugins in Cubase 8, though like Mauri I can’t say I’ve tried running the original 32 bit files as haven’t had the need to so far.

I should’ve mentioned I haven’t used those 32bit plugs without jBridge C8. But I did have problems with some of them in earlier Cubase versions, without jBridge.

MAC + CB 8 + jBridge

Work as i did under CB7. Almost all 32 bit plugs work. Can’t get Wizooverb and Broomstick to work but Native Instruments and Powercore + a bunch more work.

However 32 lives for Logic does a far better job as the interface will behave like a 64bit plug. jBridge is a bit cumbersome. Thus I choose Logic over Cubase when 32 bit is needed.