VST Preset Files trouble

I use UAD-1 plugins in Cubase for PC and like to save and load user presets but recently I have been unable to access nor view to select and load my settings, which Cubase prompts me to confirm the file exists if I retry saving by using the same name.

I have located the path folder for the UAD-1 presets, however, the folders do not include said newly saved preset files but instead myriad factory presets that also aren’t visible for loading in Cubase.

Tried uninstalling/reinstalling my UAD-1 software and card but to no avail. Problem remains.

Considering doing an uninstall/reinstall of Cubase 4 and perhaps SX 3 since the upgrade from SX 3 to 4 was said to leave user presets unaffected. Cannot simply install the last update for Cubase 4 because when I try downloading it finishes as an Unknown File (doesn’t open).

Ultimately I would love to just somehow recover all presets filing as they came fresh after initial installation. No idea how though.

Any suggestions please?