VST Presets Cubase 6.5

Hello, I am having a few problems;

  1. When I start Cubase the project assistant doesn’t have any of the project starting points (jazz, elecro hip hop etc.)
  2. My VST instruments are not finding the presets, and I can’t see a way of directing Cubase to them.

Any help would be appreciated.



Firstly don’t let Cubase 64bit install in the programmes folder on the C drive it cannot find anything in there due to the default and unchangeable permissions to read and write.

Secondly don’t let Cubase do the same thing in the programmes x86 folder, same reason.

Create Two Folders on the C drive, call one Cubase 6 32bit, and the other Cubase 6 64 bit, and install the two versions of Cubase in their respective folders.

Lastly don’t be an idiot like me and hastily delete the Cubase 6 folder from the computers solid state C drive and hope to uninstall, you end up with a fatal error message. The way around that is if you can find the cubase6.msi folder in the Start menu search and click on the application (windows 7) it then uninstalls and you can then make your own version of hallelujah.

Many thanks, and if anyone gets the same problems as I did, hopefully this will cause you less stress than it did me.