VST Presets not loading

I have Kontakt and Vienna Instruments patches from Nuendo 3 projects that refuse to actually load up in N4 and N5.
I’ve converted from XML, but that does nothing. I’ve gone back to my old Mac and exported the N3 patches as Banks, Instruments and preset again, still it won’t load.Even though the XML converted presets show the name in the VSTi’s box, there are no matrix’s loaded at all.
Now with certain parameters within N4 and 5, Trillian, Stylus RMX, Omnisphere load perfectly.
I’ve got so many reconfigurations of the Vienna instruments by changing the matrix’s and yet what this actually means is- I have to hold onto my PPC Mac in order to write down all the parameters of my previous Presets. :unamused:

Any ideas? I’m extremely clued up with N4 & 5 as I’ve been a user for many years, but this has got me totally baffled.
I did email Native Instruments and they didn’t reply at all. How sad is that? Vienna are much better so it’s going to be my next bit of typing.

The whole Idea of updating programs is to make them better and newer features, not go backwards.
Sibelius 7 has been loaded onto my computer and here is another company that has stepped back.
It’s a confusing arrange page compared to Sibelius 6.

Any help obviously will help other users too.
I’ll keep trying to find a way, but there has got to be an easier way that spending days transferring via the gift of paper and manually inputting Data. :question:

A reply from Vienna said it’s definitely not the VSL instrument fault and NI said they hadn’t a clue so I guess the problem lies with Nuendo 4 and 5.
Any ideas? anyone?
I’ve tried most angles on this and no luck.