Vst presets questions

    1. How can I organize my vst user presets better?
      *can I use folders for each band?, and each band’s presets need to be organized as the song-list for that show(which changes every week or so…) Soo…how to cleverly change presets order?.
  • 2.How can I change presets besides mouse?
    With the command => preset => next?
    I guess it should work.

  • But for live, or is it better to have 2-3 instances of the same vst?or use commands to change presets
  • 2.5 - the “preset -> next” command-
    is only triggering the last vst, that I clicked on their GUI
    (the last vst that has the ‘focus’)
    *But for the shows I’m using midi tracks with midi sends(for layering/multi-timber) and all the vsts’s GUIs are opened…
    So how can I switch vst focus for the preset->next command?