VST Pro V5 Crashing upon opening

good afternoon, folks

Hoping someone can help. I just upgraded VST Pro 4 to V5. I have used V4 for some time with no issues. After the upgrade I seem to be able to open Performer, log in, and move about, but after a bit it crashes and I get an error that something ended unexpectedly and it wants me to send the report to Apple. When I launch Pro from a project it tries to start up then crashes everything, project and all.

I am using Cubase Pro 10.5 and the latest VST Pro 5.1
I have a Macbook Pro Catalina 10.15.6

Has anyone else had issues like this?

By the way, I’m sorry to the folks in the post in which I first asked this…I screwed it up and went onto someone else’s thread and asked this question. Still learning…I’ll get better at this! :slight_smile:

Team, i figured out my issue. When I learned (trial and error) that I could get VST connect to work in SE but not Pro I checked my license Key and I had not registered the upgrade. When I activated the new access code everything worked fine. This was dork 101 stuff. Hopefully my goof might help someone else.


… oh :frowning: Sorry, we’ll check that and fix it. Thank you very much for your info,


… the Performer crashed? Can you please look to the following location and see if crash-files were saved?
You should find files like “VSTConnectPerformer…crash”

I’ve tried everything I know, but I was not able to reproduce the problem. Sorry. How you do launch Pro? Maybe you can find crash logs from Cubase, too? The files are called “Cubase …crash”

Thank you,