Vst problem loading

Before I put a ticket in I want to run this by the forum. I recently installed Cubase AI 7 on a Windows 7 64 bit system with a I3 core. I went to the plug in info menu and see I only have 24 Cubase plug-ins, shouldn’t I have like 100? Also another problem I noticed is Cubase is not reconizing my 32 bit plug-ins and freezes up when it runs the plug-in manager at startup and initialization. I checked my processes in task mgr. and the Vst system bridge application is running but Cubase refuses to reconize the 32 bit plug -ina and freezes up. Any info would be helpful, thanks in advance.

I haven’t installed my Cubase AI 7, but you may have to ‘point’ Cubase to find the other 76 of them.

By that I mean that in most DAWs, [at least the 3 that I have], I have to ‘tell’ each where to find my VSTs, which usually means typing in or just using the browse button, if provided, to navigate to the respective folder where they are located.

Then you’d have to rescan the VSTs, which may happen automatically upon restarting Cubase.

Finally, there is a VST blacklist file that should be deleted, and then it will be rewritten once re-scanning is done.

As for the 32-bit plugs, I seem to recall that there may be a setting somewhere, maybe Preferences, but I really can’t recall.

There is a chance that it may not even be an option in the lighter version, but I don’t know for sure.