Vst Problems

Hi Everyone
I am new to home recording in this format, having dabbled with some Fostex gear when I first started. I have a fairly basic grasp of what I am doing, but that is all, I can just about find my way round my computer, but am endeavouring to learn. I am using a Presonus Firestudio Project as my interface, which is connected to a Windows XP Professional desktop computer(I am affraid I don’t know if it is 32 or 64 bit mmmm?) and using Cubase LE4 software, I have succesfully dowloaded several Vst’s with varying success, but now I have got hold of some new ones from Vst Platinum and have tried import them to my vst folder, which I have done, and they show up there, problem is when I open my song to work on, and try opening my inserts they are not showing in the vst box, and that is where I could do with some advise please. Also on the DVD ROM I have there are several synths and various intruments, which I tried to include, but not really sure how to do this either( I do not know a lot eh!).
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Make sure you’re dealing with .dlls and not installers. The .dlls go in their own folder anywhere on the system, but you have to point to that location via Plugin Info- VST2.x Paths. Don’t put 3rd party VST in the Cubase VSTPlugins folder, make a VST folder in the next directory up and point to it.

If those files you’re dealing with are installers, you need to run them, putting the .dll in the folder you created.

Thanks for the reply Mashedmitten, I have tried that just this minute with some vst’s and still no luck , the vst 's are .dlls and show up inthe plugin information folder, but I am going to remove all 3rd party vst’s to a new folder even though all the others work well enough in normal vst folder. So much to learn :open_mouth:

The ones that don’t work and show in Plugin Info, is the Enable box checked? In the Cubase App Data folder, there’s a Blacklist XML file. Are they listed there? If so, delete the file and re-start Cubase and see what gives. VST’s come in two types, instrument and effect. Are you sure your not expecting to see one where the other is?

That probably raises another issue for me Mashedmitten.How to use an instument in recordings but I’ll cross that bridge after this problem. I will try your new solution now.

Sorry mate trying to locate app data folder, where would that be located :blush: And I guess I should have another folder in Program Files for instuments seperate from effects.

Start -All Programs- Steinberg-App Data is one way. Not necessary to separate inst. and effects, Cubase knows what’s what.

OK found it, not showing anything there. This is what is in the folder.


Which specific VST’s aren’t working?

Impulse a synth and Dream sequencer and there will be a few more on the dvd rom that I have not tried yet

Where exactly are you looking for them?

Audio inserts, that is where all my vst effects are, I select say input 2 on my song then click on inserts and the list of vst’s is there. Just thinking should I have a midi track set up for creating a synth track if so how do I do that, sorry never tried midi before a bit unsure how that works?

You won’t find VST instruments is the audio effects slots. Read the MIDI portion of the geting started manual to get more up to speed.

Yeah read that and probably once before, I have had some success and not, managed to look at Halion one for the first time, did not work, so I uninstalled to try and install again, big mistake, my missus threw my dongle out by mistake ,so I am unable to use that, bloody thing did not work right anyway. I think I am probably a little out of my depth at this stage with so much to take in, maybe someone could recomend a decent book about the ins and outs of home recording, at least I might,become more familiar with jargon, and daws .dll’s ect. Thanks for your input in this topic Mashedmitten much appreciated.


To be more specific…

  • VSTi = VST instruments, could be seen only, if you open an instrument track
  • VSTe = VST effects, could be recalled in the insert slot of the track

It could also be, that the VSTi has some content to load somewhere else on the HDD. i.e. software workstations like Kontakt.

But in general, the *.dll in the folder C:\Program\steinberg\cubase ai\vst plugins is shown after starting the Cubase program.


Hello Alstudios, indeed I have noticed over the last day, specifically opening a instrument track shows all available instruments, although the one I want does not, although I beleive that it is corrupted in some shape or form. By the way you do not know of a good book on getting started in home recording do you?


As I have the Cubase AI5 Version only, there is no specific book to cover the “limited” features version only. Always some chapters are covering features like “control room” or “side chaining”, which is not availabke in my version. (BTW: I don’t really need it…)

I went into the YouTube videos. There is a lot of useful hints and tips you can follow one by one easily.

Just google to “cubase tutorial videos” and get what you need.

I know, it takes some time, but …I think it’s worth.

If you are german speaking, there is a specific bundle of videos I can recommend: Google to “Arbeiten mit Cubase FMNxMusic”
This man knows a lot of practice cubase. :exclamation: