VST protocol suggestion/deeper integration between plugin and host - Colour Coding of keys, Drum/Note mapping, CC naming

I think in modern times, all of this should be automatic by way of developers coding into their plugins, and the DAW/VST host catching and displaying that information.

For instance, colour coding of virtual keyboards or drumpads, should relay to the Cubase MIDI editor piano roll and drum editor.

Drum-Maps should be included in the VST plugin and automatically communicated to the DAW, so that the user doesn’t have to “create drum-map from instrument”.

CC naming for things such as ‘Filter’ and ‘Resonance’, etc, should be relayed and displayed automatically in track automation.

Track pictures could be communicated automatically if a VST developer so choses, ie, if the plugin contains different pictures per preset, or room type, synth type, etc.