VST QC, Cannot Save Steinberg Instrument Assignments

Hi all,

I’m having a bit of difficulty with re-assigning Steinberg instrument parameters to Quick Controls and saving them.

If I load a Steinberg instrument, such as Retrologue or Padshop, and edit the VST Quick Controls in the Remote Control Editor to put them into an order more to my liking, I cannot save the changes. There is a little asterisk (*) next to the tab ‘Standard Layout’ to show that changes have been made but if I click ‘Apply’ the asterisk remains to show that it wasn’t saved. If I close the Editor, it asks me if I want to save the layout. If I click yes, the window closes but the controls stay the same. Nothing is saved.

Third party VSTs (both VST 3 and 2) work fine and save okay, I only have problems with Steinberg ones.

Any ideas what the issue may be?

I am on OSX High Sierra using Cubase 9.5.40

If you edit with the Remote control editor. Make shure you import the changes to your QC panel by using the return arrow button.
This will port settings from the remote editor.

If not you can just ignore it all together and work direct off the qc panel and save as templates. Dont need to use the remote editor. When you use QC.