VST Quick Controls and LED readouts

Anybody find a way to view VST quick controls on a hardware LED with encoders?

One cheap option would be Steinberg CMC-QC but you only get an LED which gets brighter as you turn up the Quick Controls so it’s more approximate than a full LED Ring type of display. So basically it will give you a rough visual idea of where you Quick Controls are set.

Thank you. The documentation for Remote Control Devices says the MCU Pro offers access to the Quick Controls, either VST rack or Track depending on a preference setting.

From the manual:

If Set Remote-Control Focus for VST Quick Controls is not activated for
any VST Instrument, you can control the Track Quick Controls for the
selected channel in the Inspector.

From my HUI emulation days I’m wondering if the MCU Pro can be emulated by anything with an LED readout…

On the X-Touch, pressing Shift + Master, I see the “VST Quick Controls”, but I don’t understand how to see the “Track Quick Controls”…
Maybe I found the answer thanks to your post!..
Now I have to figure out how unfocus the VSTi (which is automatically focused by choosing the relative Instrument Track)… Any ideas?