VST Quick Controls - Map Change Page to Controller button?

I am sure this has probably been asked.
But why is there no option to map the Pages, or even have a (Next page | Prev Page) button that’s mappable to either a controller button or knob.

This is such an easy feature to implement. And feel Steinberg will not do this, because they must get a commission on Controllers sold which officially support the Controller editor.

But, us the users, are the ones who pay for Cubase through the license fee.

This should be a standard thing to map these, it would give so much more to using the VST quick controls.


Can’t believe this isn’t possible. Just getting used to these myself.

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I know. Such a no brainier feature to have. And easy to implement. I think.

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This one go for plugins as well.

Can Steinberg take this seriously? It’s not reasonable to not develop this simple but useful functionality.

No rant - but a very, very reasonable request.

Please vote for it.


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