VST Quick Controls will not work

What I want to do is set up my monogram faders to control parameters of a 3rd party vst plugin like Output Analog strings and then save that as a preset so I don’t have to do midi learn every session. I’ve watched every video and looked at every forum and it is by far one of the most unclear topics. Please see my screenshots, do I have it set up correctly?

What do I do with the vsti section on the right?
Do I need to have the vst controls on the same midi channel as my track quick controls?

please help!

monogram 1
monogram 2
monogram 3

Reset your controller to standard controls , go to vst quick controls setup , tick the learn box and move a fader and see if the CC number changes , if it does ,repeat for each fader . Then go to your quick controls in the inspector and press learn and move the controller knob you want to control that’s if the third party VSTI allows you to control it like that .
Hope this helps

Thanks for the reply. So you’re saying I have to add my controller as a generic one each time I want to use vst controls and then delete it when I want to use my track quick controls? Because to use my track quick controls, I don’t need it as generic midi.

And when I do prese learn in the quick controls section as you mentioned, it’s for track qc not vst qc. How do I switch to vst qc?

Im saying , in the VST qc controls panel you have open in your screen shot , tick the learn box under 'import ,Export ’ which should assign the fader to a controller number .
Once you have done this then you go to you VST qc control panel and the assign the Vst qc controller you want to control via the learn button on the Vst or panel