VST Rack Instruments - duplicate and save entire rack

I still use VST rack instrument because I can have multiple midi parts assigned to the same instrument very frequently. However in cases where I want to create another exact duplicate of a VST instrument it cannot be done. Also if I have a great VST rack setup I can’t easily save the entire rack to use on another song. I use Vienna Ensemble on a slave machine and it allows you to do both of these things with complex setups and its a real timesaver at times. So…

Ability to duplicate VSTis
Ability to preserve entire Rack in one operation with the ability to load everything from that rack onto another song with one operation. This would ideally work on load by bringing up the list of instruments in that VST rack being loaded allows you to select them to load or not in a similar way to how load track archive works.

While we’re at it: Ability to Re-Order VSTis



I would add:

  • Persistent outputs.


  • Routing Rack outputs as audio track inputs.


  • A Midi/Return type of track which carries both the audio one of the output of the rack and a midi input (I think Logic does something like that).

It is such a pain to have to change anything in the Rack and LOSE ALL YOUR configurations in the outputs, as they disappear… I happens when you change a vst2 plugin to a vst3 one, or Kontakt 5 to Kontakt 6.

Another option would be make Instrument tracks really useful for multitimbral purposes and VEPro, and also MIDI SEND.

Being able to save and load a rack from another project would have just saved me a good 30 minutes here as Im using multiple Vienna Ensemble Pro instances with multi output setup routed to my groups. I needed to bring a setup in from another project but there totally no way to do that as I was already working within a new project

+1 The Track and Rack section needs a little work on several fronts.

+1. Duplicate as well as create new with a dialog window to create multiple new Racks at once.

PS. I think Rack needs more work so it is fully resizeable and has lock on the setting ‘page’ windows. (on main rack window).

PPS. I personally don’t know how the Cubase masters out there deal with huge templates and not being able to re-order rack instruments… It seems maddening to me.

I cannot import rack instrumenst even when a track archive is created with everything selected, including that dummy track that’s created. What ever works for Track Instrumenst should also work with rack instruments. Unfortunate that this isn’t the case.

+1 !
I would add : possibility to freeze multiple instruments (I know it’s been discussed a lot already…)