VST rack scroll bars?

I noticed that yesterday for the first time. Have you seen the “spyglass” icon? You can click in the dialog field, then click on the name of the VSTi in the list that opens up. No scroll bars needed. A different way to do the same task, better or not is subjective of course, but the scroll bars were so miniscule previously I actually like this way better than fighting with trying to land the mouse on the scroll bar.

Suntower are you certain they removed the scroll bar? They could have just shrunk it to sub-atomic size. :laughing:

AFAIK the vertical scroll bar is still there. But yes the other features are helpful.


I don’t know how to respond to -any- discussion of ‘scrollbar alternatives’. It’s like the government doling out bottled water after damaging the normal water pipes. I’m not Pollyanna enough to see the silver lining.


No problem, you’re welcome!

Just for the record: I checked just now, just in case I had lost my mind yesterday - but no, indeed, there are currently no scrollbars in my VST Instrument (F11) rack (syntax brought to you courtesy of the “Yes, we have no bananas today” Dept.).

I thought maybe I did have some in Cubase 9.0.1 a week or so ago (scroll bars that is, not bananas), but I’m not as certain about that as I am that I have none now.

In the windowed rack, there is none. (There’s even empty space for it…)

It should definitely have a bar similar to the docked rack: (which is the one I use)

…Unless the separate, window, just like the floating bar are planned to be scrapped. They both have some issues and don’t seem to be looked after, so in my mind that suggests them not being there for much longer.

Nice animation. What it does is point out that there are at least THREE separate styles of scroll bars now. I fail to understand why this is the case–especially since the graphic design provides PLENTY of space for a nice, broad, theme-consistent scroll bar width that is -always- visible.

I simply do not understand the logic behind this.

On my system there are indeed scrollbars in the independent window rack and the right side zone rack.

Cubase’s GUI isn’t known for its consistency. Compare these two windows…

Hmm, as you can see, not on mine.

If you don’t have one, can you make sure the window content actually is larger than the window? Your gif doesn’t show that.

It actually doesn’t fit in that first picture, but here you go:

Also tested in safe mode. :wink:

Still can’t tell what I’m looking at, could you post a pic that includes the background behind the window?



I mean seriously… whether it’s ‘hidden’ or ‘skinny’ or -whatever-… it’s stupidissimo to not be UX consistent. (ie. fat, always visible and with up/down arrows like the rest of Windows/Mac).


Suntower, can you stop raging for ten seconds?

@djw, that looks totally wrong, except for my weird cousin in the background, who looks so wrong he’s right.

Does the window have focus? If it does there should be an inner border:

It’s focused, yes. (Otherwise the title bar wouldn’t be colored so I’m sure.) It has no border whatsoever.

I’m glad you like my wallpaper!

Something tells me you wouldn’t like Mac OS X. By default they disappear and there are no buttons. :slight_smile:

Hmph. Then I would rename the prefs folder and let Cubase generate a fresh default- safe start just disables Default.xml and not other stuff like workspaces and windows configs. I suspect the Window layouts xml, or Default workspace. But that’s just a hunch.

Even that doesn’t fix it. I thought it would do the trick too. At least I’m glad it’s supposed to look like in your screenshot.

@suntower: Keep in mind, I’m trying to help with a bug that doesn’t personally affect me. You use this window.