VST Randomization?

Ladies and gentleman,

VST Randomization … Does Cubase have this function hidden somewhere?

Something similar to functionality of the FL Studio wrapper. Is there a such thing?

thanks in advance.

  • Taz :slight_smile:

Aloha C,

Sounds intriguing.

For those that don’t know
FL Studio wrapper
could you explain in a bit more detail what it does/
how it works?


Hello Curteye!

The Fruity Wrapper native to FL Studio, encases a VST or VSTi for use in the program.

In the drop down box it shows the presets, and the feature that I’m asking about, the ‘Randomizer’.

Its the lazy way to create new sounds without programming, lol!

I know a lot of VSTi’s have this feature on board. Some good ones are HG Fortune, Element of Surprise (ugo), Synth 1, etc.

Just curious if there was something like this in Cubase.

thanks for responding,

A Major +1 on that!

Would love to have that on everything.

Including my wife :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t advise using it without a “Return to factory settings” option. :smiley: