VST removal

How do you uninstall these little blighters? The one I want to remove appears in my VST Plug-in Manager, but when I click on it I have no options to remove it - the Trash icon is greyed out (as is the New Folder option btw.) It doesn’t appear in the Uninstall option in Control Panel, nor is it found in my App > Installed Apps List. (I am aware that Troutusa posted on this subject in March 2022 but he never got a satisfactory response.)


Use the plug-in uninstaller on the system level.

Hi Martin. I can’t see ‘System level’. I have Elements 12.

What is the plugin, How was it installed? Generally if the plugin has an installer, it will also have an uninstall option. If you just installed by placing it in the correct folder, you can simply delete it from that folder.


I mean Windows or macOS.

It’s Fireintheclip. I have, as you suggested, just deleted it from the folder. I thought there may be a more elegant way!

Oh, in that case you could have uninstalled it from the aquarius app that manages acustica plugins. I assume you must have used this to install it?

When I run into this kind of problems and nothing else works I use a free app called master seeker.
You write the name of the file and searches very very very fast everywhere for files with this name. select all, delete, bye bye

Thanks – didn’t know about that. Finally actually found it here Creating Chord Progression & Beat | LoFi Hip Hop Production Basics in Cubase - YouTube

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