VST renamed, unable to open the old project with the same VST


I remember reading about this as a request but I have not seen anything being implementet.

I have an old project where the VST Spire was called “Spire-1.5”. The new version that I downloaded to restart on the project is called “Spire”.

Therefore Cubase can not find Spire when opening the project although Spire is installed. I am able to open Spire and it works. It is just that I can not open the old project…there is a patch that I am looking for that was saved in the old project.

Any idea? All help appreciated.


The plug-in is recognized by its specific ID (not by the name) in Cubase. So if the plug-in vendor changes the ID, it’s a new plug-in (with no relation with the other one). Cubase can’t do anything with it.

All true, but shouldn’t Cubase still open the project, just with the missing plugin listed as not found in the insert slot?

Sounds like he can open the project - he wants the old project to recognize the newer version of the plugin and load it as if it were the old version so he can access the patch settings.

I had that same issue with an old version of Halion - I could load the project but the plugin was missing so I couldn’t go back years later and grab my patch inside Halion, since Halion was newer and had a different ID by that point.


Cubase can’t open it, if it’s not there. If it has been overwritten by other plug-in (update).