VST Routing Question

In the insert/routing section of Channel Setting in the track edit window, I am noticing that Native Instruments Solid Bus, EQ etc and Guitar Rig 5 don’t load and route correctly on first try. If I move them to a different slot after initially placing them they do pick up signal.

Has anyone else experienced this? It also happens with the SSL Duende VST3 Channel Strip.

As a follow up, these are the only plugs that do this, has anyone else experienced it with these plugs.

The plug in loads into the slot, it appears normal but is receiving no audio signals. In the routing pane of the edit window it shows as not routed. Moving the vst to another slot activates the plug in properly so it receives audio.

IN a fit of inspiration I altered the buffer from 64 to 128 and upwards and the problem was solved. Those plugs like higher latency settings.

That’s odd.

I’m running all the NI plugs, GR5, etc. on Cubase 7.05 at 64 samples (RME) and all is fine.

Could it have had anything to do with “Constrain Delay Compensation”?


Thanks sir, I’ll investigate this when I’m back from my travels.