VST Sample projects: rand( ) and XCode

VST SDK 3.6.13
Mac OS 10.12.6
XCode 8.3.3

When trying to build the sample projects from the SDK, after successfully running CMake and generating the Xcode project, I am now getting an error for the rand( ) function (???) coming from the busconsistency.cpp file during the validator compile.

Anyone else see this with XCode 8.3.3?

EDIT: if I remove the validator target from XCode, and paste the old validator executable in the /bin/Debug folder, then everything else compiles properly and the plugins build correctly. So, this is only involving the validator target. And, of course I am using rand( ) all over the place in other XCode projects without issues. I tried comparing build settings across the two SDK’s validators but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Could this be a #include sequencing issue somewhere deeper in the validator’s dependencies? I also tried manually #including math.h, stdlib.h, time.h in the busconsistency.cpp file - same issues.

If this is and XCode 8.3.3 issue could someone verify that for me?

  • Will

OK - after updating the OS to Mojave and XCode to 10.2, the projects compile correctly, as do my ASPiK projects - no problems.

Unless a change is made to fix the rand( ) issue, VST/Mac developers will need the latest OS and XCode?

Would it be possible to get a correct list of the compilers that are supported for each new SDK for both XCode and VS? Perhaps on that main Forum page where Yvan posts the new updates? That would be very helpful.

Also, is there a location within the SDK documentation where we may find this information (I haven’t found it, even after a string search of “Xcode” in the documentation) because the VST3 GitHub site lists both XCode7 and VS 2015 and we now know that neither of them are compatible with 3.6.13.

  • Will

Hi Will,
this was not intended. There’s just one header include missing in testbase.h:

#include <cstdlib>

The next SDK will include this change.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Thanks, Arne - I appreciate you looking into this.

Dang - I tried #including a bunch of different things in the busconsistency.cpp file without success, but I also stopped myself because I do not advocate hacking or changing VST SDK code (unless you advise, as you did a long time back with the vst2sdk wrapper file).

The switch to XCode 10.2 wasn’t horrible, and actually flushed out some issues with using CMake to add info.plist stuff programmatically (watch out for “.” and “,”).

All the best,