VST SDK on github?


I asked this question a while ago on the mailinglist but it was kind of ignored…

Would it be possible to upload the VST SDK onto the Steinberg github page? This would simplify linking to the VST SDK greatly (i.e. using git submodules)…

  • Bram

That’s indeed our plan for the future. Stay tuned…

Hey Arne,

where will you announce this when/if it happens?

any ETA?

  • bram

No ETA, but it will be announced here as always.

If you’re already using git for version control, you can simply create a repository up on GitHub, add it as a remote on your machine and push it up.

But it looks like you guys already have a GitHub thing going on, so you’re probably aware already.

I suspect the real reason why VST SDK has still not been (and is apparently not actually going to be) moved to GitHub is that VCS software like Git provides access to all previous versions which wouldn’t contain the up-to-date copyright information of Steinberg (e.g. header comments in source C++ files), and Steinberg cannot figure out how to live with that.

So, the VST 3 SDK is now on GitHub. Have a look at https://github.com/steinbergmedia/vst3sdk.

Great, but all subfolders are empty, so the repo effectively contains just the 5 files:

  • .gitmodules
  • CMakeLists.txt
  • LICENSE.txt
  • README.md
  • index.html

with the total size of 18 KB (8 KB zipped) and not the VST SDK itself at all.

By the way, wouldn’t it make sense to name the repo just vstsdk or vst-sdk instead of vst3sdk? Using VCS implies continuous development, so e.g. VST 4 SDK would eventually be stored and maintained in the same repo.

See https://github.com/steinbergmedia/vst3sdk/wiki/Get%20Started

Why not make VST SDK simply entirely downloadable/cloneable like other projects on GitHub?

In the current state, VST SDK cannot be considered really available via GitHub.

Ehm, are you serious ? What’s your problem, you just use git to pull the repository and init its submodules ? You may should read the git manual : https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2

I don’t use Git (and don’t have it installed) itself at all (fwiw, my VCS is Mercurial). For me, GitHub version of the SDK would just be a way to get the most up-to-date version and probably create some pull requests via the GitHub Desktop application. GitHub user is not necessarily a Git user.