VST search never completes.

Hi Folks,

Not so impressed so far, not happy that VST 2 is not supported, but hey, that’s progress.

During the VST scan, the scan seems to start several times and basically checks the whole computers not just the paths provided. I can see it trying to reference Outlook and others non VST things.

I have to stop Cubase 9 as there is no way to cancel this check.

Any ideas?

All the best,
John Mazur.

Hey OzMazAU: Cubase 9 still supports VST2, only 32 Bit Plugins are no longer supported.
Have you checked the VST 2 paths in the Plugin Manager? Cubase searches in every subfolder of the paths provided here. If you add for example C:\ Cubase will scan your whole computer for vst plugins.