VST Server / VST Cluster

Hi I have refined my post as It was a little to abstract (I think)

  1. Main target… Spread CPU load of VST’s to several machines in a network with minimal latency, providing service both for live situations and studio work.

I have looked at solutions like Vienna Ensemble PRO, Waves SoundGrid etc. however, infinite opportunities, but definitely not seamless.
Any experience out there regarding solutions that is as transparent as possible to the workflow/experience we do have as using one box?

Suggestions to the above is appreciated! :slight_smile:

  1. Having an independent VST Server I can use with both Behringer X32 in a live situation and in the studio DAW via AoIP (in my case over my Dante PCIe Card). I use Dante, but there are other solutions out there for low latency AoIP.

a spontaneous idé to Steinberg and approach forward with the ‘VST System Link’ strategy, is to move towards a new VST standard merging with a containerised approach much like what we seen with Docker in the web development world. I like to stay in the DAW editor withe the plugin UI ready at hand with the current user experience. Just the DSP/Compute in a independent Server/Cluster.

Also waiting for this from Steinberg…