VST settings resets in Cubase 6


I’m trying to open a Cubase 5 project in Cubase 6 and everything seems fine at first but when I open the vst plugins that have been added in Cubase 5 as inserts on various tracks all the settings are lost/reset. How do I open a Cubase 5 project in Cubase 6 without losing all the settings added to each plugin by the user?


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somebody please help!

Can you be more specific please. Which plug-ins? Which settings are lost. Are those VST plug-ins installed and working otherwise in Cubase 6? More information needed.

Thank you for your reply

It’s on all the vst plugins like reverbs, eqs, delay etc. and it’s not a particular plugin or from a particular vendor it’s all of them… They load up but without the settings I’ve added… they show up like I just opened them…

Don’t know what else to say… it’s like cubase six can’t read the settings added in cubase 5

A couple of ideas to try to identify the problem…
Can you still open those projects in C5 properly?
Create a new C6 project with similar plug-ins and settings then save it and see if it re-opens properly.
Hopefully, we can determine if there is something wrong with the project file or your C6.

I did that and if I create it and save it in Cubase 6 no problem everything works… and the Cubase 5 projects works fine in Cubase 5… so it’s only when it’s Cubaes 5 projects in Cubase 6 there is a problem

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The only ideas I have are to try “backing up” the projects to hopefully remove any corruption.
But if it is on several projects, try to identify a common plug-in that could be causing a problem in C6. Then hide that plug-in from Cubase and try opening the projects.
It sounds like either corrupted projects or a problem plug-in. Other than that, I don’t have any other ideas.

I figured it out… Guess I should have mentioned that I’m running cubase 6 64bit and the Cubase 5 was 32bit.

It’s the plugins that are running as VST3 32bit in Cubase 5 that comes up with no stored settings in Cubase 6 64bit because I can’t get the vst3 32bit plugins to run as vst3 in Cubase 6 64bit.

Neither steinbergs vstbridge or jbridge seems to be able to handle vst3. Is it somehow possible to run 32bit vst3 plugins in Cubase 6 64bit??