VST Sound Collection


Does anyone know if the “VST Sound Collection” (came with one of the additional DVDs of Cubase 5) is integrated in Cubase 6?
If yes - Where can I find it’s content?
If not - Can I install it with Cubase 6, even if its made for Cubase 5?

I am surely no authority on this BUT I am using the Steinberg Virtual Instruments COllection I have from when I bought Cubase 2.0 and it does work

Oh, the collection is that old? I diddnt know…
But I still don’t know if Cubase 6 comes including the VTS Sound Collection.

Maybe I should ask in the “Cubase 6” topic, there might be a chance someone knows about it.

This isn’t what the OP is asking.

OP, yes you can use the collection in C6. You can D/L it at Steiny’s ftp site.

I have the same dvd with Nuendo5. Is the content of this dvd already included within the Nuendo5 installation? When I put the dvd in for installation it asks to repair or modify the content, so I suppose it is already installed, right?

Have a look at this guys: http://www.steinberg.net/en/support/content_and_accessories/vst_sound_collection.html

Also, read the "More information on the VST Sound Collection…

I don’t remember for sure whether these sounds are extra on top of what is on the installation disc? I think they may be.